While the right mattress can improve your sleep, an adjustable steel bed frame supports your body at a wide variety of relaxing angles to wind you down for rejuvenating rest. By clicking a button, you can create an optimal elevated lounging position for working, reading, or watching TV. And when you’re ready for bed, one tap lowers you back down. As I’m among the one in three Americans who doesn’t get enough sleep, as deemed by the CDC, an adjustable bed frame has made a huge difference in my sleep quality and rest.

Health Benefits

Getting less than seven hours of shut-eye per night is tied to an increased risk of developing chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and a plethora of heart problems. Beyond turning your bedroom into a multifunctional living room and office, adjustable bed frames also promote improved health by relieving pressure placed on your body and elevating your legs. This can reduce leg swelling, enhance blood circulation, and relieve sleep apnea. After a motorcycle fall last year left me bedridden with an injured left leg, I pulled the trigger on the Lucid L300. And I’m happy I did, because just this week I fractured that very same leg snowboarding (which served as the inspiration for this article). Not only have I experienced the advantages listed above firsthand, I also have two years of experience using an adjustable base to manage pain and temporarily live from my bed. Maybe one day I will accept that I’m a tech nerd not really built for extreme activity, but you only live once right?


Not much of a rider.Hunter Fenollol

hunter snowboard 2021

Not much of a snowboarder either if I’m being honest.Hunter Fenollol

I poured hours of research into finding the best adjustable bed frame for myself, broken the hearts of many a salesman walking out of local mattress stores empty-handed after trying out a variety of adjustable bed bases, and vetted through mountains of consumer reviews using Fakespot analysis. The L300 is one of the best adjustable bed bases given its performance, feature set, and warranty at a relatively affordable price. Queen beds reign supreme as the most popular mattress size in America. Therefore, the bed frame below adheres to this 60 by 80-inch dimension. Whether it’s due to space constraints or a preference for a specific set of features, the best adjustable bed base is subjective to the needs of each individual. You can select a bigger or smaller size depending on your requirements.

How I Use It To Improve My Everyday Life


sitting in bed on laptop

Hunter Fenollol

Working from an adjustable bed makes me more productive. I often adjust the angles on the fly as to eliminate any pains that arise and am able to utilize my TV as a secondary large monitor. While most days I use a smart dashboard on this screen, I also enjoy pulling up Spotify or YouTube for background tunes. The foot incline has been a boon for helping my leg fracture heal up during the work day. I keep my leg elevated and rested with minimal movements while I write. This has also helped my focus, as I”m more comfortable, not getting sidetracked by the dull and hot aching I would get when sitting in a standard chair.


sitting in bed reading

Hunter Fenollol

I often stack multiple pillows atop one another to read lying down. With my adjustable bed, I can make my way through nearly double the chapters per session. Whether I’m lost in a good surreal horror novel or a standard magazine, the support on my back and elevated leg is much better than a squishy mound of pillows. Bonus: If you get one with a thin frame, you can clip on a handy reading light.

Watching TV

While some people can spend hours lying down and watching TV, my neck starts to hurt around the 30-minute mark. Before buying an adjustable bed, I would support myself by sitting up against the wall. Now my partner and I can watch HBO Max before bed like we would in our living room couch, then lower the bed down for sleep time.


sleeping in bed

Hunter Fenollol

Last but certainly not least, I can help my breathability while I sleep. Adding a steeper head incline greatly reduces the snoring from sleep apnea.

My Bed: Lucid L300

Weight limit: 750 lb | Adjustment speed: Slow | Warranty: 10-year limited | Special feature: Siri control

L300 Adjustable Bed Frame


$799.99$580.46 (27% off)

  • Head and foot incline with zero gravity position
  • Dual USB charging stations
  • Five-minute assembly

The Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Frame is our top pick for its sturdy metal construction, easy fold-out hinge assembly, and smattering of convenience features such as built-in USB chargers. Independent head incline provides up to 60 degrees of elevation, while the foot incline goes up to 45 degrees. Thanks to that very short assembly time, you’ll be able to throw up to 750 pounds onto your new bed frame within five minutes of opening the box.

Offering the most bang for your buck, Lucid’s adjustable bed base has luxury within limits—dual USB chargers, a premium remote complete with a flashlight, and Bluetooth capability for smart controls—making it higher end than others in the budget category. If you upgrade to the L600 for $200 more, you gain under-bed lighting and massage functionalities.

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