There comes a phase in every woman’s lifetime when the words and phrases of the late, great journalist, screenwriter and all-round sage Nora Ephron spring to thoughts.

I Feel Poor About My Neck (And Other Feelings On Currently being A Female) was the title of Ephron’s 2006 assortment of characteristically razor-sharp observations on the trials and tribulations of getting a girl of a specified age the menopause, the vacant nest, the aching joints and fading schools and also of the work it requires — as the a long time creep by — to counter the disconnect concerning the crone staring back again at us in the mirror, and the person we remain in our mind’s eye.

‘According to my dermatologist,’ she writes, ‘the neck commences to go at 43 and that is that. You can place make-up on your facial area and concealer below your eyes and dye on your hair, you can shoot collagen and Botox and Restylane into your wrinkles and creases, but quick of surgery there is not a damn point you can do about your neck. The neck is a useless giveaway. Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth of the matter.’ And, for a long time, she’s been totally proper, of course.


Necks are like hands (and feet, while feet are much easier to disguise), blunt, genuine indicators of age. I would also consist of in that list jowls and, in some conditions, ears and noses. As we get more mature the former sag and droop, and the latter have an uncanny inclination to get even bigger and far more pronounced. The sharpness of youth deserts us, and our faces and bodies slowly and gradually but unmistakably look to melt, like Tarmac in the hot solar. It is not a joyful expertise.

For adult men, the problem is significantly less pronounced. Adult men have one particular enormous benefit in this respect about females: beards. A beard is a great tool of concealment. It can cover a double chin or a slack jawline, it can even mask a turkey neck. If I had been a guy, that would surely be my method.

Necks are like palms (and toes, while toes are simpler to cover), blunt, genuine indicators of age. I would also include in that list jowls and, in some instances, ears and noses, writes SARAH VINE
In truth of the matter, I have generally felt a bit terrible about my neck. Even when I was a young, unwrinkled point, it was not the condition and duration I required it to be

But I’m not. And whilst I do, as I get more mature, locate myself significantly battling the occasional chin hair, not to mention a persistent and annoyingly swarthy presence on the upper lip, at 56 there is nowhere to hide.

In fact, I have always felt a bit poor about my neck. Even when I was a young, unwrinkled issue, it was not the shape and size I desired it to be. It was not prolonged and sophisticated, it did not in any way resemble that of a swan, which I was taught early on by fairytales and movies was — and almost certainly however is — the ideal condition of a human female’s neck.

Mine was in its place quick and rather stocky and solidly embedded in my large shoulders, a portion of my anatomy incredibly much built for utilitarian, not aesthetic, applications. To make issues worse, I’m one of all those people today who puts bodyweight on around their confront, so the double chin was (is) an ever-current danger.

With the passing of a long time, issues have not automatically improved. Granted, the situation is not terrible. Many thanks to my powerful dislike of the solar and sunbathing, the high-quality of my skin is not as well bad. But there is a heaviness, a loss of definition and a laxity that are not able to be denied.

It doesn’t aid that I simply cannot end looking at myself. Not out of option, I should incorporate. Just for the reason that you cannot escape it these days. That very little digital mirror in our fingers helps make confident of that.

God, I pass up those people innocent, pre-Instagram and TikTok times, when smartphones didn’t exist, when we had been not regularly snapping selfies with friends, or remaining filmed dancing immediately after too many eyeglasses of wine, or unintentionally activating some type of FaceTime button that ambushes us when we’re least anticipating it, jowls, wrinkles, baggage, surly, downturned mouth, resting bitchface and all.

There had been mirrors, of program, but they could be effortlessly prevented. And if you did come across your self in entrance of a single, you took techniques. My buddies and I applied to take the mickey out of every single other for our a variety of ‘mirror faces’, just one turning her head this way or that, the other striking a specific pose, another pouting and elevating her eyebrows. Now you never know when the camera could catch you unawares.

And it is not all selfies and self-inflicted: there’s no escaping the tyranny of the Zoom or video clip simply call. The latter are especially unflattering, particularly for the lower 50 % of the facial area mainly because we tend to be searching down at the screen. No question every person is so nervous about their visual appeal. No ponder the aesthetics sector is booming.

There are rewards and cons to this. The cons are the botched treatment plans, the absence (nonetheless) of correct regulation, the proliferation of unscrupulous clinics and practitioners. The pros are that, in which ideal observe exists, some really impressive choices are now obtainable.

Back when Ephron wrote her e-book, she was right: the only way to boost the overall look of the neck and jowls was pricey, agonizing medical procedures with weeks of restoration time in some remote Swiss clinic.

Pretty much two decades on, that is no lengthier the situation. There are now a myriad of therapies aimed at tackling this most tiresome of troubles, ranging from the far more invasive — lasers, threads, microneedling, warmth and radiofrequency — to the extra subtle (and less painful) this sort of as ultrasound. Benefits, of training course, differ in accordance to the treatments — but the standard rule (I’m worried to say) has normally been the far more ache, the far more achieve.

One of the more well-liked solutions, for example, Morpheus 8 (endorsed by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Amanda Holden and Judy Murray, who discovered final calendar year that she experienced undergone the cure to ‘tighten’ her turkey neck) is famously really unpleasant.

It brings together radiofrequency with microneedling, building slight trauma to the pores and skin and further tissues, which in turn stimulates the overall body to generate collagen and elastin fibres for therapeutic, serving to to firm up the space addressed.

Similarly, one more favourite, the thread raise, in which very wonderful surgical threads studded with very small hooks are inserted deep into the tissues of the facial area and then, not to set way too high-quality a position on it, yanked upwards to elevate the muscle tissues, is also agonizing — albeit extremely efficient.

Yet again, the inside trauma encourages the entire body to develop collagen, which in flip increases the texture of the skin.

The outcome is instantaneous — but it hurts like hell, there can be bruising, and it is vital to have it completed by a actually skilled healthcare practitioner, otherwise you can close up with all types of troubles, together with a wonky experience.

There are numerous other folks, as well. The Endolift (in which a laser fibre just bigger than a human hair is inserted below the pores and skin to tighten it and eliminate fat) Ultherapy, an ultrasound procedure that several industry experts in the business enterprise advise as a once-a-calendar year servicing option Ultracel, one more ultrasound-based mostly treatment method which also takes advantage of microneedling and infinite at-property gizmos, from Newa, an at-property radiofrequency gadget to Lyma, a single of a new generation of skin lasers certified for domestic use.

In my private quest to really feel fewer undesirable about my neck I have, above the course of the previous couple of years, dabbled with a number of of these alternatives myself.

I tried using the Lyma, for example, but just could not get into it — even though I know men and women who swear by it.

I was much too hen for the Morpheus 8 (I was place off by the agonising tales). But I did have a thread lift in 2019, and cherished the outcomes, even although it felt like I had barbed wire in my confront for about a week (which in essence, I did). And it lasted extended that I experienced anticipated — they say 18 months to two decades, but it was probably more like 3 in advance of I found the impact carrying off. I suspect that was down to the skill of the physician who did it, Dr Charlotte Woodward at River Aesthetics. Can’t suggest her plenty of.

Dr Ivy Igerc, who performs out of the Hale Clinic, is of Croatian and Italian extraction, trim, impeccably dressed and impossibly glamorous with 20 years¿ experience in the organization

But the truth of the matter is time marches on and, previously this calendar year, I recognized that points ended up setting up to head inexorably south after much more. I did not want to have yet another thread lift: just too distressing. Yes, I come to feel lousy sufficient about my neck, but not lousy enough to go as a result of that all over again. So I made the decision to go a diverse route: injectables.

Injectables have had a little bit of a negative rap of late. Not just the above-use of Botox, ensuing in frozen expressions and so-referred to as ‘bowling-ball’ foreheads but also poorly administered fillers, ensuing in that awful pillow encounter you see on so quite a few superstars.

But I experienced heard about 1 lady with the lightest of touches and the tiniest, thinnest of needles who had made a procedure using a mix of micro fillers, little, specific threads and Botox to address the neck and jowls. I decided to get the plunge.

Dr Ivy Igerc is of Croatian and Italian extraction, slender, impeccably dressed and impossibly glamorous with 20 years’ encounter in the enterprise. When not tending to her client record of bashful famous people and supermodels, she is to be uncovered lecturing on the hottest approaches in aesthetic improvement all around the planet.

She functions out of the Hale Clinic ( in London. But when we meet up with she has just returned from China, and is total of exhilaration and vitality about some of the new technology emanating from that component of the globe. She’s also fascinated by the variances in beauty expectations between cultures — did you know, for illustration, that in China having ears that stick out from your deal with is deemed extremely appealing?

She laughs: ‘Over listed here, every person wishes their ears pinned back again there, it’s the opposite.’

But Dr Ivy is absolutely nothing if not inventive. She employs little amounts of filler to reposition the ears — a system not dissimilar to that utilised in non-surgical rhinoplasties, wherever the nose is reshaped utilizing the cleverest of optical illusions.

In truth, most of what Dr Ivy does is about tricking the eye into thinking what it is seeing is not, as, in my case, a a little bit weary-on the lookout divorcee who honestly can not try to remember the final time she experienced a facial and whose skincare regime is made up of shoving on whichever cream transpires to be lying around the toilet, but a sophisticated, effectively-preserved lady of indeterminate middle yrs.

One of the most striking things is her approach. Most practitioners will have you lying back on a bed. Not Dr Ivy. Soon after sterilising the skin with a little something that smells like swimming pools and making use of numbing product to the experience, she has you standing up, hair again, versus a white backdrop.

You are instructed to in change frown, smile, raise your eyebrows, permit your jaw go slack although she marks out the locations to be taken care of with a surgical pencil.

Making use of the best of needles, she then injects speedily and confidently, stepping again each several punctures to observe the effects, fairly like an artist making use of paint to a canvas.

It’s a little bit like staying attacked by a tiny but determined swarm of tiny bees, only a person ought to resist the urge to run away. When you assume about it, the standing up point helps make ideal perception. When I lie down, all the jowls and wrinkles obligingly slide all-around the side of my confront. If Dr Ivy cannot see the complete horror, how on earth is she meant to handle it?

Right after Botox in the vertical frown traces involving my eyes — not to erase them, just to soften them a bit, I get small nips of the stuff in my crow’s toes, and then she asks me to clench my jaw.

Right here she goes in a bit deeper, to transform off the strong masseter muscle and halt me a) grinding my tooth and b) reduce the quantity of muscle for a slimmer silhouette.

The Botox normally takes a few times to kick in but the fillers and the mini threads do their function immediately. And there it is: my jawline. Hi, old friend

And lastly, she injects people large vertical muscle tissues in the neck which are dependable for pulling the mouth and jaw down above time. Then it is time for the filler. And this is where by the magic definitely takes place. Making use of tiny jabs of filler, she widens my cheekbones practically imperceptibly just beneath my temples. All over again, this is all aspect of the illusion: emphasise the cheekbones and you detract from the decrease section of the confront.

Then she goes in on the jawline, injecting microscopic doses of filler underneath the muscle mass in get to carry and assistance it — rather like scaffolding holding up a sagging roof — to develop definition.

A remaining bit of filler to soften the dreaded marionette lines at the corners of my mouth, and it’s time for the mini threads, just that tiny bit of excess support beneath the pores and skin (these, by the way, never damage at all). The whole issue has taken in all probability no more than three minutes. It expenses from £800. But the result is unmistakable.

The Botox takes a couple days to kick in but the fillers and the mini threads do their do the job quickly. And there it is: my jawline. Howdy, aged mate.

More than the training course of the subsequent couple of weeks, as the Botox in my neck and masseter starts off to get the job done, the outcomes get even improved. And it is specifically what I experienced hoped for: not so drastic I glimpse like someone’s taped my chin close to the back of my neck, but apparent sufficient (to me, in any case) to give me a new-identified assurance.

It will require maintenance, of training course. Ephron was correct: the only truly everlasting answer is a surgical carry. But I definitely don’t want that.

Much more to the issue, I really don’t will need it. I am not a supermodel or an actress, no a person truly cares what I glance like.

No one particular except me, that is. Now I am satisfied to say that, when I glimpse in the mirror these times, I experience fairly superior about my neck. And, at 56, that’s not bad likely at all.

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