Veterinary technician and founder of Pet Dental Schooling breaks down the leads to of teeth discoloration and how to finest tackle and handle this oral condition.

According to veterinary technician Denise S. Rollings, AAS, CVT, VTS (Dentistry), tooth discoloration can take place in canines when teeth are damaged. “[The teeth] can modify from their ordinary color to colours these types of as purple, pink, grey, or even orange,” Rollings informed dvm360® in a recent interview.

“What that [discoloration] is is the pulp sustenance some kind of trauma these as the pet dog is jogging and hits a thing or tries to catch one thing or probably unintentionally a motor vehicle doorway opened on his confront something like that and the sort of bleeds from the within,” defined Rollings.

She pointed out that when trauma to the tooth occurs, it bleeds internally and the pulp will commence bleeding and traveling by means of very small dental tubules but have no location to go owing to the enamel. This leads to tension within the tooth and stress necrosis which ultimately leads to the tooth to die. Rollings advised that when this scenario arises, needed treatment is demanded.

“The cure solution for those are to [perform] root canal treatment or extract. That is simply because the tissue inside that tooth is dead necrotic tissue,” she described.

To learn far more about tooth discoloration and treatment solutions, watch the entire interview under.

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