“How could you advocate for getting the vaccine? I thought you were a holistic dentist.” I’m getting this question a lot, and the answer is this…⁣⁣I’m a healthcare worker. When you’re a healthcare worker, you have to think of your patients, especially more vulnerable populations, such as my patients with chronic illness, taking prednisone or antibiotics, and the elderly.⁣⁣I’m above age 60.⁣⁣I saw my son-in-law, a healthy guy in his early 30s, get hospitalized with COVID complications. His lungs were ravaged as you can see on his CT scans. I have patients and family and friends who have put on ventilators, some who haven’t made it. ⁣⁣COVID is on its way to becoming endemic, meaning the chance of everyone experiencing this virus on some level is almost guaranteed. When I am exposed to COVID, I want to make sure I have the antibodies from the vaccine to fight it. I don’t want to contribute to the growing number of lives lost, which totaled over 500,000 in the US alone as of yesterday.⁣⁣I am a functional dentist who considers how oral health affects the whole body, and vice versa as well as investigates the root causes of illness so we can prevent them.⁣⁣To those who say masks and vaccines aren’t “natural”: if I were to reject everything that’s not natural, then I couldn’t use anesthesia for my patients, prescribe antibiotics, perform oral surgery, or fill cavities. I do these things when medically necessary—while also incorporating alternative treatments and diet and lifestyle. It’s not one or the other.⁣⁣I’m interested in the best of both worlds for myself and my patients—the best from modern medicine and the best from alternative medicine. I follow the evidence and look for what will extend the well-being and longevity of my patients.⁣⁣COVID is not a normal flu. There is an increased chance of not just short-term but also long-term effects, including lung tissue damage, shortened lifespan, heart damage, brain fog, neurological issues, that my patients who survived COVID continue to deal with long after “recovering.”⁣

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