Our “family” at Strongsville Smile Keepers is pleased to associate with your family members on restorations that help oral health and in general very well-remaining. In convert, our dentist, Dr. Matthew Gaebelein, presents a wide variety of remarkably beauty and strong restorative components and approaches to folks across northern Ohio. For instance, we can maintenance cavities and rebuild enamel with fillings designed from aesthetic, tissue-pleasant, and conservative components like composite resin.

For the very long, healthier life of your tooth!

The plan behind modern day dental products and methods is to intently mimic wholesome, unaltered teeth’ purely natural style and design and features. Composite resins fit in perfectly with this modern-day approach to common dentistry treatments. This group of materials is formulated with non-metal ceramic and plastic compounds.

When geared up and created specifically by Dr. Gaebelein, fillings built from dental composites mix in in a natural way with the bordering tooth construction and neighboring enamel. With excellent treatment, they can final for lots of yrs and involve no additional restorative therapy. These fillings can continue being as healthful and fantastic-searching as the day they ended up placed. As opposed to other elements, such as silver-colored amalgams manufactured from many metals, composite resin fillings do not corrode or put on down around time. Composite fillings are also ideal for patients worried about metal allergic reactions or sensitivities.

The procedure of putting the filling is also “light-touch” and preserves as significantly of the purely natural healthful tooth as attainable. Other resources require that additional of the all-natural tooth be drilled absent to make home for the filling. Cavity restore with fillings commonly goes a little something like this:

  • The affected tooth is numbed for utmost convenience through therapy.
  • The destroyed tooth framework is removed. So, it is like providing your tooth a “clean slate”!
  • The content utilized for your filling is “prepared.”
  • The filling is then secured or bonded to the pure, prepared tooth composition.
  • Slight refinements or adjustments are manufactured, and the tooth is polished.
  • Smile!

Strongsville Smile Keepers also appreciates that you are much more than your tooth and gums and have a unique array of personal choices, behaviors, and goals. We will operate with you to get there at the greatest cure (and product) to restore your radiant smile, confidence, and health and fitness. Call (440) 508-4080 to program an appointment with Dr. Gaebelein today.

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