As much as smiling on candid camera is portion and parcel of celebrityhood, it’s par for the study course among the popular folks to have a comprehensive set of white and shiny teeth.

Numerous of them use dental veneers.

Notably, showbiz celebrities Iñigo Pascual, Derrick Monasterio, Rhys Miguel, Elle Villanueva, and Daniela Stranner have enhanced their smiles through this beauty dentistry cure.

Incorporate to the rely the splendor queens who have also benefited from the transformative consequences of dental veneers—Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados Pass up Universe Philippines 2021 Bea Luigi Gomez Pass up World Philippines 2021 Tracy Maureen Perez Miss out on Multinational Philippines 2021 Shaila Rebortera Miss Entire world Philippines 2022 Gwen Fourniol, and Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2022 Chelsea Fernandez

Curious about this dental marvel, Philippine Leisure Portal ( asks Dr. Franklin Vicoy, the founder of Smile Creations, about almost everything there is to know about dental veneers.


According to Dr. Vicoy, dental veneers are “custom-built shells created to go over the front surface of your enamel, efficiently boosting their visual appeal.”

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These shells can be fabricated from possibly porcelain or composite resin substance, and are bonded to the entrance of the tooth to maintain them aligned, intact, and free of charge from discoloration.

How does it differ from dental bonding and teeth whitening?

Dr. Vicoy suggests all 3 strategies can “greatly enhance the physical appearance of teeth,” but they vary in phrases of “resources used, the procedure involved, and the distinct dental worry of the affected person.”

He elaborates, “Dental bonding will involve the application of tooth-colored resin to correct a single tooth or correct a very small chip,

“Teeth whitening focuses on lightening the shade of organic enamel.

“The selection between veneers, dental bonding, or teeth whitening depends on the precise dental problems and sought after final result.”

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The method differs across clinics.

Dr. Vicoy describes that his clinic to start with conducts an on the internet consultation with the affected person then proposes a treatment plan—which, if accepted, an in-particular person appointment is set.

He suggests, “Through the initial assembly, we consider pre-operative dental x-rays and images of their tooth, do tooth reduction (if required) then we carry on with finding the mildew of their teeth.

“And and finally, I make my mock-up structure as their short term veneers.

“Doing a mock-up layout is very very important, so the individual can have a sense and see what their lasting veneers would like.

“Then we send the mold and guidance to our in-residence laboratory for processing.

“Below, I converse closely with my laboratory team and relay all the needed details that they need to have to fabricate the porcelain veneers.

“This process in our laboratory takes about 6 to 8 times, following that we have the client arrive to our clinic for the closing meeting or the installation of their veneers.”

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Dr. Vicoy stresses the importance of the mock-up, which will allow individuals to working experience and visualize their permanent veneers.

“This is why we’re distinctive from other clinics, it only will take two conferences to system our veneers.

“We skip the trial component of the system because we presently did the mock-up which helps us keep away from errors like ill-fitting porcelain and generic-seeking veneers that in some cases does not appear superior on most individuals.

“The veneers that we make at our in-house laboratory are handcrafted, this means it was layered manually by our ceramists to match the ideal shade of the affected person and not just machined processed, or monolithic.”


1 prevalent myth is that veneers look unnatural or phony.

Dr. Vicoy assures that developments in dental technology and supplies have manufactured it attainable to produce custom made veneers that intently match the all-natural overall look of the enamel.

In his words, “Some people imagine that veneers often appear unnatural or fake.

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“Even so, enhancements in the dental technological innovation and resources have designed it doable for veneers to be customized-built to match the organic visual appearance of the enamel.

“As a cosmetic dentist, I do the job intently with the patient and my laboratory technician to make certain that the form, shade, and translucency of the veneers match with their encounter resulting in a pure-hunting smile.”

He also debunks the misconception about enamel elimination, saying, “When a slight removal of enamel is demanded to make area for the veneers, modern approaches allow me to preserve as much of the purely natural structure as attainable.”

HOW Substantially DO THEY Price?

In accordance to Dr. Vicoy, veneers price from PHP6,000 to PHP22,000 “based on the material that we use.”

Likely Risks AND Complications

As with any health-related process, there are potential challenges connected with veneers.

In accordance to Dr. Vicoy, “Some clients might expertise enhanced tooth sensitivity after the placement of veneers.

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“This sensitivity is typically momentary and can be managed with desensitizing toothpaste or above-the-counter soreness medication.

“Gum discomfort or inflammation can also happen if the veneers are badly placed or if there is an overhang of veneer product.”

Dr. Vicoy warns that improperly set up veneers can trigger bad breath or halitosis, but this can be prevented with good treatment and set up methods.

If porcelain veneers aren’t equipped properly, they can build little ledges around the veneer that make it possible for for the accumulation of food stuff particles and oral bacteria generating your breath odor.

“But if carried out very well like we do at our clinic, these can be avoided.

“Of program, we can only do so a lot. We also have to have cooperation from the patient’s facet to make absolutely sure they are also keeping their veneers nicely.”

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