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Emergency Dentistry

If you think you may need assistance of emergency dentist in Downey, we are proud to offer emergency dental care! Prior to arriving at our dental office, please contact our practice to let us know your exact dental emergency and we’ll let you know if we can help. Here are some tips to follow before receiving emergency dental care:

Damaged Teeth

Has your accident resulted in chipped, cracked, fractured, broken or otherwise damaged teeth? If possible, find any pieces of your damaged tooth and then gently rinse your smile, ensuring that it is clean. Next, contact us to schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist in Downey, even minor damage can result in a much bigger complication.

Damaged Dental Work

Has your dental emergency resulted in your dental work to be damaged or even lost? We recommend locating any pieces of the dental work if possible and then gently cleaning your smile. Next, schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist near you, we would be happy to get your dental work repaired or replaced.

Partially Dislodged Teeth

Has your accident resulted in a tooth being partially knocked-out? First we recommend gently rinsing your smile, ensuring the area is cleaned. Next, try to push the tooth back into the socket if possible and contact Dr. Monica Puentes for emergency dental care in Downey.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Has your accident resulted in a tooth being completely knocked out? We recommend locating the knocked out tooth and placing it in milk or water to keep it healthy. Next, gently rinse your mouth and immediately contact Dr. Monica Puentes. Time is extremely important when it comes to saving a tooth.

Schedule Your Dental Practice Emergency Right Now

Think you or a loved one needs Dr. Monica Puentes emergency dental care? Contact us by phone today to get immediate dental care in Downey. We look forward to providing you with the care you deserve!

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