Gabriel Castillo and Patrick Parmenter

BROOKFIELD, Sick. — When it may seem like a folk tale, the story of the tiger with a toothache approximately arrived to everyday living in Brookfield this week.

Just like Androcles, who plucked the thorn from the lion’s paw, the veterinarians and animal care specialists at the Brookfield Zoo took more exclusive treatment when “Whirl,” a 16-calendar year-outdated woman tiger, desired a little bit of dental get the job done.

Professionals at the zoo recognized that Whirl desired aid during a routine examination and sought to get to the root of the problem.

“She had her program well being examination a handful of months in the past and throughout that exam, we noticed that she experienced a fractured canine tooth that required root canal remedy,” Dr. Sathya Chinnadurai, from the Brookfield Zoo, explained. “So after we observed that we knew that we desired to get in touch with a dental expert.”

Zoo professionals then identified as in the support of Dr. Stephen Juriga, from the Veterinary Dental Clinic.

“Our career is to emphasis just on the oral cavity, accomplishing a full dental oral exam and we’re going to appraise people teeth to decide if they are in need of treatment,” Juriga reported.

Whirl was brought in for a total examination and veterinarians were being capable to get an in-depth search using a CT scanner, which authorized them to take X-rays of her entire physique. It is a little something that several zoos about the environment are in a position to very easily make the most of.

“Brookfield Zoo is a single of only a handful of zoos in the total planet that have a CT scanner on website,” Chinnadurai stated.

The scanner allowed them to verify every single nook and cranny.

“Cats have 30 enamel, we have 30 opportunities to come across a little something and we just really don’t want to miss everything,” Juriga explained.

But the massive cat scanner was not the only issue holding keen eyes on Whirl. Hugely experienced teams created absolutely sure she was taken care of adequately all through the method.

“We’re gifted with a team of educated veterinarians as well as veterinarian anesthesiologists that will convey us the client, sedated. They’ll be intubated, monitored and supported through the procedure,” Juriga stated.

In accordance to Juriga, a root canal was in get since they required Whirl to be capable to return to her typical routines.

“We accomplish root canal treatment in these teeth to keep the tooth for perform and consequently cleanse the canal, remove the an infection, seal the canal so they can continue on to use the tooth,” Juriga said.

When she was below anesthesia, the workforce worked quickly.

“We ended up capable to approach the total procedure in advance of time prior to she’s beneath anesthesia, to assist make this process quite fast and productive,” Chinnadurai claimed.

According to Chinnadurai, the tooth issues Whirl was experiencing could have intended excellent distress in the wild.

“In the wild situations like this could guide to infection or, you know, more ailment, potentially soreness while eating, and possibly restrict her capability to hunt and eat for herself,” Chinnadurai stated.

But thanks to the zoo’s trained and caring group, Whirl will soon be back to her typical schedule.

“We sustain a amount and a regular of care that is on par with any veterinary clinic and most, a lot of human hospitals,” Chinnadurai mentioned.

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