The journey to a picture-perfect smile can take forever. In recent years, more people have turned to Invisalign for their smile. 

Many people who are seeking orthodontic solutions want to avoid metal braces at all costs. Invisalign offers a simple solution for a radiant smile.  

Keep reading to learn more about how Invisalign can help you get a straighter and more radiant smile. 

What Is Invisalign? 

Invisalign orthodontic treatment uses a set of clear liners to slowly shift your teeth to your ideal smile. When you think of traditional orthodontic treatments, you may think of clear liners as a maintenance tool to use after braces. Through orthodontic innovation, an Invisalign Dentist can use these liners to create a clean alignment. 

The Science Behind Invisalign 

Invisalign uses removable trays to realign your teeth over time. If you gradually change your aligners, your teeth can be corrected in as little as six months. 

The orthodontic technology used in Invisalign can be attributed to the research in SmartForce technology. SmartForce technology focuses on controlling tooth movement with minimal direct force. 

The best candidates for Invisalign require teeth realignment rather than intensive dental repair. Invisalign works by slowly shifting teeth, so its impact is much more gradual than that of traditional braces. 

How To Get Invisalign 

If you are interested in Invisalign, reach out to us for an orthodontic consultation. At Monica Puentes DDS, we will be able to assess your orthodontic needs and help you determine if you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign. 

Once you have done a consultation, our team will take a series of virtual scans of your teeth. These scans will allow us to complete a layout of your treatment plan and give you a set of aligners that perfectly match your mouth. 

Invisalign software uses digital images to create a 3D model of your teeth. This allows orthodontists to make projections and pre-emptively make molds for your teeth. 

Although you will require new sets of aligners as your teeth gradually shift, not every set requires a visit to the orthodontist. This outpatient style of orthodontic repair allows very little upkeep on the patient.  

Benefits of Invisalign

A straighter smile can change your life. A radiant smile will give you more confidence as you walk through life and improve your appearance. When you are purchasing Invisalign, you are making an investment in yourself.

Orthodontic solutions are more than just cosmetic procedures. A straighter smile can improve your overall health by making your teeth easier to maintain and protect from tooth decay. 

Invisalign’s oral aligners are comfortable for the patient. They are easy to adjust, and they don’t cause the patient discomfort. Once your orthodontist has set up your mold schedule, there is very little upkeep time. 

How Much Does Invisalign Cost? 

The cost of Invisalign orthodontic treatment is comparable to other traditional orthodontic solutions. The total treatment can cost between $3,000 and $7,000. Financing your Invisalign should be viewed as an investment. 

Weigh Your Different Orthodontic Options

Our team of orthodontic experts is dedicated to helping you navigate your orthodontic options and perfect your smile. We offer Invisalign to our clients to help them enjoy a straight smile without disrupting their daily routine.  

At Monica Puentes DDS, we are eager to help you achieve your orthodontic potential. Contact us to learn more about how you can realign your smile.