LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – A McCook male has a new lease on existence many thanks to a new sleep apnea device and Lincoln doctor.

Harold Pearson has experienced sleep apnea for a long time, battling with it given that his mid-thirties. He said he needed a further choice, since his C-PAP mask no more time helped.

“I virtually couldn’t’ snooze with it any longer so i experienced to obtain a distinct possibility,” Pearson claimed. “I was on Pinterest just one day and saw the encourage detail and ‘oh whats that’ began on the lookout at it and in this article I am.”

The device is identified as Encourage, and is intended to support those people with average to serious sleep apnea. Dr. Aaron Robinson, an ENT Health care provider at CHI Wellbeing done his to start with treatment with Encourage in December.

“The way that this unit performs is alternatively of employing air to stent open the airway we promote a nerve in the neck that moves the tongue out of the way and opens up, stiffens up the airway,” Dr. Robinson said.

Dr. Robinson produced two tiny incisions in Pearson’s neck and upper body. A small cuff was placed all around the nerve that controls the tongue and throat, and a pace-maker sized gadget is put in the upper body to assistance pateints breathe by sending indicators to the nerve.

“It makes it possible for folks to have a different solution,” Dr. Robinson stated.

About a thirty day period after operation, Pearson’s product was activated and now at 61 years outdated, Pearson said he has his electricity again and can lastly rest at night time.

Now he’s capable to use a distant to activate the Inspire system in his chest and sleep without loud night breathing or fear of stopped respiratory.

“I feel this is going to be good for a lot of people it is so straightforward.” Pearson explained. “You really do not have the hose you don’t have the mask, you never have this factor you’re carrying around if you’re on vacation. I can go camping, I can go camping in a tent if I want to for the reason that this is all I have to consider.”

Dr. Robinson claimed the a few requirements to qualify are 1) intolerance to C-PAP equipment, 2) average to serious sleep apnea and 3) a BMI of 21 on personal coverage or 35 on medicare.

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