Dr. Sean Kelishadi.
Dr. Sean Kelishadi

  • A plastic surgeon for celebrities and influencers uncovered the procedures his individuals want most.
  • He said the prosperous are wanting for ways to get described cheeks and sharp jawlines.
  • Methods like buccal unwanted fat removal and eyebrow lifts have gotten preferred from media excitement, he explained.

A plastic surgeon in Orange County, one particular of America’s wealthiest zip codes, states the rich want slim jaws and sculpted cheeks. 

Southern California-based mostly plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Kelishadi explained his affluent individuals are looking to plastic surgical procedure to get a “snatched” look, TikTok terminology for a sharp jawline, superior cheekbones, and hollow cheeks.

Kelishadi is a board-accredited plastic surgeon, and founder of his private observe SSK Plastic Surgical treatment in Newport Beach that primarily serves superstars, influencers and the wealthy, he claimed. 

Above the last 6 months, Kelshadi reported he is executed a quantity of procedures to enable patients get the “snatched” seem — namely, applying injectable fillers on the cheeks, which expenses $700 to $900, or lifting the eyebrows, narrowing the jaw, and removing “buccal unwanted fat,” or cheek fats, which cost $3,500 to $5,000. 

Kelishadi, who reported he performs upwards of 700 processes a 12 months, including a lot more traditionally frequent strategies like breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and liposuction.

The plastic surgeon credits the increase of these processes to buzz made on social media and information retailers. For instance, many men and women speculated celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Lea Michele obtained their buccal body fat eradicated after showing in modern images with much more sculpted cheeks. (Neither movie star has admitted to going through this method.)

“I feel these developments will keep on to be common above the next 6-12 months,” the plastic surgeon mentioned. “However, a lot of what is talked about as a new, warm development is definitely a recycling of ideas due to the fact most matters in plastic surgical procedures are based mostly on ideas that have been all-around permanently.” 

Kelishadi broke down the 4 plastic surgical treatment tendencies that are in superior need amongst the elite suitable now.

Buccal fat removal 

For the duration of a buccal fat elimination procedure, plastic surgeons make an incision on the inside of of the cheek and get rid of the excess fat pad that is accountable for the building a comprehensive, round encounter.  

Kelishadi said although this method is presently requested a good deal since of celebrity speculation, he does it sparingly for the reason that persons by natural means lose facial unwanted fat as they age. Shedding way too a great deal fat in the facial area can really make a person search older, Kelishadi stated. 

As an option, Kelishadi will use Kybella, an acid that melts body fat, all over the cheek to create a slimmer seeking encounter without surgical treatment.

“I assume buccal unwanted fat elimination is one of all those things that the media has gotten out there and, and every person thinks that their cheeks are chubby and want to get buccal fats removal,” he mentioned. “I consider it’s good that we can give that, but I assume it really is overused.”

Eyebrow lifts

For clients who want a “fox eye” glimpse, Kelishadi often recommends eyebrow lifts, or when plastic surgeons use Botox to cease the muscle mass all-around the eye from contracting, hence halting eyebrows from sagging downward, is a different techniques in superior need by celebs.

Like buccal body fat removing, Kelishadi stated the seem is more of a pattern developed by celeb buzz. Social media consumers have speculated Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Ariana Grande have gotten their eyebrows lifted, Insider previously reported.

Cheekbone fillers

Kelishadi said yet another way to get better cheekbones is to inject filler specifically in the spot. The medical doctor said this can help generate the “snatched,” look as cheekbones are a “good platform” to put fillers on, as it enables for larger ease and customization for the surgeon.

“I consider a good deal of men and women want to have that large cheekbone look,” he added. 

Jaw narrowing 

Kelishadi makes use of injectable fillers close to the jawline in mixture with Botox on the masseter muscle groups, which are dependable for opening and closing the mouth, to give sufferers a sharper jaw glance. The Botox lessens the measurement of the muscle mass to generate a slimmer jawline, though fillers add volume to even out the search.

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